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Dr. Angel Montesdeoca, IBM Watson

Angel is the former CEO & Founder of Leaders Working, an EdTech company acquired by Bloomberg. Following Leaders Working's acquisition, Angel worked in Venture Capital, investing and scaling SaaS, NextGen commerce, and AI companies before heading west to build and take to market products at Facebook and Google. Today, Angel works at IBM Watson where he leverages AI technology to develop products that will deliver empathy at scale.

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence allows us transform work and decision making in healthcare, transportation, retail, insurance, education and more. At IBM, we extract deep insights from both large and small data sets, structured and unstructured to empower smarter business. Using Watson, companies like Morgan Stanley, Volkswagen, and H&R Block can identify 35 different emotions on any given topic, deploy the world’s most powerful search engine, leverage pre-trained conversation in domain areas of banking, telecommunications, insurance and energy & utilities. But this is only the beginning of Watson's power. Woodside Energy used Watson to turn workers' stories into data. Watson analyzed millions of documents and put 30 years of practical engineer experience at the fingertips of Woodside employees. Watson then extracted, exposed, and organized this information to help safety analysts find safety improvements in the workplace of their engineers. Taken altogether, our AI products unlock data because in this era of AI, long standing enterprises that have years of accumulated business and consumer knowledge will differentiate themselves with Watson and win.




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